News and Announcements

Updated March 2022

Covid-19 Update

We have updated our policy for in-person lessons with regard to COVID-19.

As of March 7, Priddy Learning Academy is mask optional.

Students with sniffles, coughing, fever, stomach aches, headache or who are not feeling well, are not allowed to enter the building. If in doubt, please err on the side of caution. If a student displays any of these symptoms after being dropped off, the parent will be notified to return to pick-up their child. The student will wait outside the classroom.

Parents must agree to inform Priddy if their child or home family member tests positive for COVID-19. Do not bring your child to Priddy Learning Academy until test results are negative and proof is provided.

Identities will be kept confidential. Students exposed to a positive student will be transferred online for a minimum of 10 days.

Appointment and pick-up times must be punctual. Please have your child show up at the designated time; not 5 minutes before. Make-ups will be scheduled on a space available basis or will be done online.

Students must bring their own pencils, pens, and erasers to minimize transmission risks.