About Priddy Learning Academy

SELF-PACED Learning Programs

Online & In-person Tutoring for K-12 Grades

Priddy Learning Academy offers individual instruction tailored to fit your child’s specific needs. From building remedial math and reading skills to providing enrichment at the highest levels of achievement, Priddy can benefit all students by fostering a solid foundation in the two pillars of math and reading, which gives them the tools to excel in all subjects.

A Leading Company

Why Choose Priddy?

Priddy offers individualized, self-paced learning programs for students grades K-12. We focus on mastering core fundamental skills and learning habits that are essential to long-term success.

Priddy is conveniently located in downtown Millburn, NJ–home to a top-ranked school district–and provides online learning options. (Onsite options will resume when deemed possible by health authorities.)

Instills Discipline

How? Priddy creates an individualized daily-structured program for each student. Students know exactly what they need to do each day to progress. We call this our “discipline of daily study” and it instills study habits for not just what he or she is learning with Priddy, but for all subjects.

Lifts Performance

How? Priddy supplements students’ learning at school with its own curriculum. At Priddy, students master prerequisite skills necessary to understand topics taught in school, making a smoother transition into higher levels and concepts and setting them up for success.

Boosts Confidence

How? At Priddy, we match our curriculum to the child’s ability, no matter the grade level. Students need to be at a level where they feel confident and motivated to continue to succeed.

Provides Enrichment

How? Priddy does not classify students by age or grade level. If the student can demonstrate mastery, Priddy does not hold them back.  It is that opportunity to excel that drives many students.

Get Started With Priddy

Priddy programs begin with an online appointment. The purpose is to ensure that we’re a good fit for what you are looking for. There is no financial obligation or commitment, so contact us today to book a call.