Frequently Asked Questions

Every student and family’s story is unique, but here are questions we get on a regular basis.

Yes, it should be. But a class environment of 15 to 30 students can only do so much. At their best, such situations can only fit a few individual learning styles. Teachers can’t jeopardize the interests of the larger whole. Typically, it is the “average” student to which the group process is calibrated.

By contrast, Priddy Learning is set up to bring the remedial or average student up to their optimal performance level. For already advanced students, Priddy offers enrichment through lessons that are designed to challenge and stimulate higher learning.

Our programs are completely customized to meet your child’s needs. The number of times and daily practice depends on the needs and goals of the student.

Not at all. This is because Priddy makes a point of putting school first. It provides only those programs which integrate with the child’s mission of success in his or her school.

Our integrated approach results in the student feeling more connected with school and more able to meet its challenges. Where the school itself can’t help the remedial or more advanced student, Priddy can — and will!

Our rates vary according to subject, duration, and level of the class. When you schedule a free consultation, we will share with you the program options and rates based on the needs of your student. Schedule a free consultation by clicking here.

Not at all. Students who come to Priddy see it as a place of support where they can have concepts explained to them in a smaller and personalized setting than in a typical classroom. Having an educator at Priddy that is always there for the student gives comfort and confidence to students who attend.

It’s critical to reignite our students’ belief in themselves. A student’s self-perception with regard to their ability to learn is a key predictor of their ability to flourish as an adult in college and in life. Moreover, having a positive mindset toward oneself as a learner is critical to being a lifelong learner.

Over a third of our students lacked confidence in their ability to learn the material when they started at Priddy; however, within three months, 95% were confident in their ability. And 85% of parents report that their child is more confident overall since attending Priddy Learning Academy.

We believe that doing a little each day is far more productive and effective than doing it once or twice a week, or not doing anything in between sessions. And our daily practice assignments usually take only 10 to 15 minutes.