General Policies and Procedures


The Priddy experience begins with scheduling an appointment with the Director.  The purpose is to answer any questions and to make sure there is a good fit before formally enrolling.

For those interested in our online programs, we schedule a no-obligation “meet and greet” via zoom.  This is an opportunity to meet the teacher and for him or her to understand your needs.


Acceptance at Priddy Learning Academy is based on an interview with parents and students.  Our purpose is to make sure that the students’ motivations align with the learning philosophy of the Academy.

Enrollment at the Academy is for a semester at a time, with the exception of private one-to-one lessons.

If you are unsure whether or not you can commit your child to a full semester, you are advised to register for private one-to-one lessons. 


The teacher, in conjunction with assessment results and goals, will meet and share the learning plan and work out a mutual agreeable schedule.


Payment is due prior to the first session. We accept payments via  The number registered to Priddy Learning Academy is 973-818-8004.  We also accept payment by check.  Please make payable to “Priddy Learning Academy” and send to PO Box 96, Millburn, NJ 07041.   Checks can also be dropped off at our office at 266 Essex Street, downtown Millburn.


In Person – Students are expected to be punctual for their appointment times. If a student is going to be late or early, please email the office to make sure there is room. 

Online: Students are required to log on to their appointments 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time. The teacher will admit you to your session when he or she is ready to begin.


Sessions will begin and end as scheduled.  Showing up late late does not mean the student can stay late. Our teachers often have back-to-back appointments. Their time is just as valuable as yours, so please respect it.


In Person:  In order to do a make-up, parents must notify our office via email, phone or text.  If there is no notification, there is no make-up.

Online:  Lessons will be made up only if the student notifies the teacher at 3 hours the before the scheduled lesson.  Please email, text or call the teacher directly. 


Fall and Spring Semester:

Our refund policy is specifically designed to protect all students in our programs, which contain limited openings, by ensuring that last-minute cancellations do not put at risk the resources available for the remaining students and safeguarding that all openings are available to children seeking help with their education.

To withdraw from the program, the parent must submit written notification at least 2 weeks prior to withdrawal, to the Academy Director, email:

A tuition refund will be calculated from the last date the student attends after the 2-week notification is received, using the following table:

Days into Enrollment Amount of Refund

1–14 days: 80% of total semester’s tuition charge

15–29 days: 60% of total semester’s tuition charge

30–44 days: 50% of total semester’s tuition charge

45–64 days: 30% of total semester’s tuition charge

65 days and beyond: 0% of total semester’s tuition charge 

The Application and Registration fees are nonrefundable.


A full tuition refund will be issued up to and including day 30 before the summer session begins. A student who cancels within 30 days will not be granted a refund.  No refund will be granted for less than 30 days prior to commencement. The Application fee is nonrefundable.


Priddy Learning Academy encourages parents to meet with instructors to discuss your child’s progress. To arrange a parent conference, you may schedule an appointment by calling the office during non-teaching hours.